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Our Mission:

At My Ed Therapist, we believe in helping each child reach their full potential by educating the whole child. We know every student can be taught to learn in a way that works for them.  We help build confidence which drives independence and success, all while fostering the love of learning. Reducing homework struggle and making home life better for everyone is our priority.

We create individualized learning plans to meet the needs of our students. All of our educational therapists are certified through the Association of Educational Therapists.

How can educational therapy help?

We love working with learners and families of varying learning profiles including executive functioning support, ADHD, reading and writing remediation, dyscalculia, and processing disorders.  

Our approach is fun, interactive, engaging, and focused on the individualized needs of each learner, regardless of age.

Individualized support
Research-based tools and techniques
Works across all skill areas at various levels
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Expert Guidance

At My Ed Therapist, we believe in helping each child reach their full potential by educating the whole child. We know every student can be taught to learn in a way that works for them.

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We specialize in remediating

Executive Functioning
Skill Development
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The Educational Therapy podcast

Co-hosted by Stephanie Pitts and Rachel Kapp

Learn Smarter Podcast educates, encourages and expands understanding for parents of students with different learning profiles through growing awareness of educational therapy, individualized strategies, community support, coaching, and educational content.
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Client love

Here's what our clients are saying:
AMAZING, we absolutely love Stephanie.  She has a way of working with my daughter that helped her in so many ways.  My daughter's ability to still stay on top of her workload with all she has going on has improved significantly.
Outstanding. Ali has helped Julia get a system in place and worked with us through numerous bumps,  as Julia gets on track. Julia has made significant progress academically and personally in terms of “owning her learning” and being honest and proactive when things get off track.
Fantastic experience. My son has learned so much from Ms. Jennifer. He also enjoys going to each session. Thank you!
Ali has given my son tools and confidence that have helped him tremendously with his school work. He was very reluctant to try ed therapy and now asked that we continue every week after trying to switch to every other week.
Thank you for helping my daughter become more confident in herself and in her work. She has made many strides this year learning to advocate for herself and complete her work.
I believe Stephanie is a top clinician in her field. Stephanie and her company strives to be the best for any of their clients.
Stephanie is the best! She has been and continues to be such a help to my son, particularly with his writing and organizational skills.
Leinna has been fantastic working with my son. Not only on school work and organization for the week, but also has an excellent personal connection with him which helps a lot with his anxiety.
Ali is exceptional and has been a game changer for my daughter. We are grateful for the amazing coaching and work she does with her!

Stephanie changed my daughter's life. I'll never be able to thank her enough.
Laura is AWESOME & AMAZING! Wish we could see her everyday!

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